Generic Flexible Universal Mobile Phone Holder – Red

4,200.00 3,000.00

Key features
  • Perfect for viewing phone while having video calls, reading documents, watching movie, enjoying music and phone games on your phone in bedroom, car, office, classroom, gym etc.
  • Flexible and adjustable (360 degrees) universal mobile phone holder very simple to adjust each shape to meet your different needs.
  • Easy to be bent into any shape you want easy to carry.
  • Simple and practical design classical and exquisite appearance.
  • Easy to install, release and use.



Phone holder is designed with flexible long arms clamp, working at 360-degrees, making holder adjustable to view your device at any angle. Cell Phone Holder is perfect for holding mobile phones while reading, watching movies, enjoying music, playing phone games on your mobile phones in bedroom, gym, office, exhibition and any other places. Fits for most cell phones up to max width 90mm . Quick and easy installation and made of high quality aluminum-magnesium alloy material.


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